Sunday, March 18, 2012

BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pita Pizza - 8 Points Plus

What better time to start actually using my blog then now?

My husband and I started Weight Watchers yesterday, on good ole' St. Patty's day.
In the past 24+ hours we have already come up and and cooked some of the most delicious recipes that fit into our Points Plus budget beautifully.

I must say, I think we are very proud of our first concoction, a personal sized pita pizza.

Most, if not all, our food is purchased from Aldi, so I don't necessarily know the "name brand".

(Note: Depending on your ingredients, some point values may change)

1 - Pita Bread
1 Tbsp - Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
1/4 C - Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1.5 Oz - Ready-Made Chicken Breast Strips (The kind for salads)
1 Tbsp - Real Bacon Bits


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Measure out cheese and chicken; set aside. Optional: Finely chop chicken breast strips.

2. Measure out BBQ sauce and spread it over pita. Leave a little bit of the edge clear for a "crust". Add cheese, chicken and bacon.

3. Bake directly on the rack for 10-15 minutes, or until desired color is achieved. Let cool and cut into 4 slices.

Well, this is my first time writing a recipe so I hope it is helpful and helps you make a delicious pizza!


  1. GREAT Sarah!!!! Follow my blog too! I haven't made a post in almost a year, but getting ready to re-start.

  2. As her Husband, I can attest that this is a fantastic meal and was quite delicious! I look forward to having (and hopefully seeing Sarah sharing) many more of the delicious recipes of meals we enjoy while trying to lose weight! I think it was fitting that you begin blogging as we start Weight Watchers, and can't wait to lose weight with you! Love ya Babe!

  3. This looks really good! Thanks for sharing it.